~ Rogaria? ~

In Rogaria music creates opportunity for joy, togetherness, and happiness. This small nation (population 6) is located wherever the musicians of Orkestar Bez Ime congregate. From the waters of Lake Aquanyet (which are exquisitely flavored when bottled) to the peaks of the Aant Mountains its natural beauty is undisputed. 

Due to an unexplained geographical oddity, Rogaria at various times shares common borders with Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, and--after one hazy night of plum brandy--Canada.  As a result, Rogaria's rich and varied musical heritage can be directly traced to many nations and cultures in the Balkan Peninsula.  It is also fair to say that Rogarian musical influences are often subject to the further inspirations of all six citizens.

Any resemblance of Rogaria's national anthem to "Shave & a Haircut" is purely coincidental. 

Rogaria's national bird is the Nordeast Feral Turkey.  Their unit of currency is the Brill (sometimes referred to in slang as the Eyeohyou). Their national pastry is the crunchy donut hole.

Though lacking a precise global location, Rogaria can be reliably found at an Orkestar Bez Ime performance, where the eclectic and entertaining music can be readily experienced by even the most casual of travelers.